Sunday, April 20, 2008

Come partake of my steak on this fine Sunda(y)ke

I hosted a steakapalooza today down at one of the communal grills, courtesy of my lovely sister at Rendon Meat Market. Some of them were pre-marinated when I got them in a bar-b-quey, vinegary sauce, and I did those that weren't in olive oil and Montreal Steak Seasoning. Taaa-aasty. I got interrupted while making twice-baked potatoes, so I have 8 baked potato halves scattered around my stove, and also made some delicious sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and chopped pecans on top.

Two new (to me) shows that I've become recently addicted to are The Office and Dexter. I've given up on most of the series that I used to watch and sadly the only shows I still try to catch the new episodes of are American Idol and America's Next Top Model. I'm actually liking AI this season, especially Jason Castro (though David Archuleta may be the most talented, Jason just rocks). And ANTM is just something that I've watched since the beginning and even though this season blows I'll probably keep watching it since it's on at a convenient time. But these new shows are just super. The Office is something that I've heard mixed reviews of, and I think the problem is that it's not really a show that you can just catch mid-season on a lark and enjoy it completely, it's really something that you have to have been watching for a while, get to know the characters to get the intricacies of the characters to get it. And Dexter is just awesome...forensics blood splatter specialist cum serial killer protagonist who only kills those who he feels justice missed.

When I discover new shows to love I like to hoard them and then watch them in one massive catch-up marathon. I'm 75% through Dexter (started watching it on Friday) and maybe half done with The Office, since I have to wait for Alex to get home at night to watch it (this is one of the rare TV shows he actually cares about).

Still not sure I've hit the interesting stride yet, I'll keep trying.

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