Monday, April 28, 2008


In preparation for the impending job (wherever it may be, I just know that it will exist this summer) that will most likely necessitate a normal schedule, I've been waking up progressively earlier this past week. For the last semester or two I've been pretty good about not sleeping past 11:00 am, a statement which seems to make most people want to slap me. Especially when I defend myself by saying that that's a whole lot better than the 2:00 pm limit I used to have for the first few years of college. But see, just because it's not normal to you, it's is regular, which is what I need. Naps fuck me up bad, so I try to avoid them most of the time, but they happen anyway sometimes. My body hates me and thinks that just because I dozed off for half an hour that evening that I'm totally recharged and can still be wide awake at 3:30 am that night, and then I feel like shit when I force myself to get up at 10:something the next morning. I get up to an alarm every day, otherwise I wouldn't get up at all, and I've been setting it 15 minutes earlier each day, I got up at 9:45 am this morning, which isn't bad. Really, the fastest method for me is to just start waking up at 8 and let my body deal with it, but that will undoubtedly lead to napping and such. Plus, I've barely been at all productive in the 2 hours I've been awake today, I can't imagine what I'd get done when getting up at 8 for no reason.

This has been a thrilling post, I'm sure, but it's given me one more thing to do to try to wake myself up a bit.

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