Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the obligatory first post

I was looking back through my old Xanga and realized something...I'm fucking hilarious. I'd stopped doing the online journal thing (before the word "blog" even existed) because it made me neglect real paper journals, but I haven't even seen my journal in months. And I keep having spurts of amusement that shouldn't be contained, I mean really, is that fair? Or healthy?

I'm Katie, 22, married for almost 3 years to a delightful computer nerd, and so very close yet so far away from finishing college. I'm a double major, psychology and visual arts, because psychology was what I picked originally and art is what I realized I really wanted to do once I was like 85% done with psychology, so I chose to just finish that one. (If I didn't add the art component I'd be done by now, curses!) I only started painting in college but have taken many, many classes in it so far, but have recently fallen back in love with drawing, which I hadn't done with any real seriousness since high school. I want to be an art teacher when I grow up graduate, for high school ideally, but I'll likely wind up in a middle school or--god forbid--an elementary school until something opens up, because I just do not see many openings in high school.

It's late and nothing particularly interesting has happened to me today, so I'll end this now and percolate on some witty ramblings for tomorrow.

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Kara said...

I find myself hilarious too!