Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I finished two of the three paintings I'm working on this semester in my independent study painting course, which is quite an accomplishment since I've been working on these bitches since Jan/Feb. Fuckin' oil paint needing multiple coats for everything to get an even color...but they do look awesome. I'll take some pictures next time I'm on campus and post 'em.

Also, I made an A on my last psychology paper on the first try! The first two papers we had to revise and resubmit, and I managed to make As on both of them after some editing, but on this one (which I wrote in a weekend pretty half-assedly) I made an A on the first go round. Woop woop.

Yesterday I finally got the rest of the money from selling my car waaay back when, like probably eight or nine months ago. We sold it to a friend of a friend of my parents, who I'd never met, and he agreed to give me $300 up front and $200 later in the week. (Ha.) I called him a few months ago and said hey give me a call so we can meet up, he's just on the other side of Dallas, and he agreed to call me the next day to let me know when he would come by. Yeeaaah, as you can guess, that never happened, and I pretty much gave up hope. (I'm perhaps too laid back, and would rather just forget about something than cause a fuss.) Then yesterday the friend of my parents called me and asked why I hadn't told him the guy never gave me the rest of the money, I explained that I pretty much gave up on it and wasn't too worried (this car was a piece of shit, I felt grateful for just the $300), but he told me the guy was on his way, he needed me to sign some paper to finally transfer the title. So I'm thinking if he hadn't needed that paper signed I never would have heard from him again, which I'm still okay with, but $200 is always appreciated.

AND, I am here to announce to the world at large that following up on job applications pays off. I submitted an application somewhere on Friday, and decided to call them today to see if the position had been filled yet (either way, at least I'd know whether to stop crossing my fingers), and it hadn't. The managed sounded like he hadn't really looked through the applicants yet, so I think that already put me ahead. :) Anyway, I have an interview tomorrow at 3:00, and this is my first choice for a job right now. I figured I had nothing to lose, if they said no thanks I could move on and look elsewhere, but this worked out in my favor this time. Wish me luck...

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