Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new job

I had forgotten how weird working in customer service can be at times. (Oh yeah I got a job, the one I really really wanted, and it's pretty cool so far.) An interaction observed between a mother and her probably 5 year old son:

Boy: MomcanIhaveaneraserthey'reonlyeightcentseach? [spoken in one long breath]
Mom: No.
Boy: CanIhaveapencilsharpener?
Mom: No.
Boy: Can I have [insert any of the items on our shelves]?
Mom: No...*looks down*...I have chocolate on my pants...

Kind of sums up motherhood, no?

I think I'm going to like this job. Before, I'd only ever used a cash register, and I was all intimidated by credit card transactions and such, but they are much easier than I thought. I've only worked there two days but I've caught on really quickly, and the people there are nice (which is good, since I'm only one of five employees). Plus, there's a Sonic about 2 minutes from there and I can get there, eat, and get back in like 15 minutes. And best of all, I get to wear jeans and comfortable shoes, which I can kiss goodbye when I start teaching.

I gotta say, it needs to quit raining and being all cloudy and shit. I want to go swim and get some color on my legs and I kind of need the sun for that. Take note, sun.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

bear with me

I feel so neglectful of this little blog that no one reads. Also, I feel like an unfit blogger for starting one with no purpose or theme. I'm not a mother, so I can't talk about my kid's wacky hijinks, nor do I have any pets to take memory card after memory card of pictures. I'm not (publicly) dieting, so no one gets to follow my weight loss (or pathetic lack thereof) with encouraging statements. Plus, school just let out and I haven't yet found a job, so I don't even have any cool stories of classmates dumb enough to inspire spontaneous violence, nor silly customers. In the mean time while I stall look for a job, I'll pretty much be sitting on my couch on the computer or watching movies, or reading in bed. Both highly thrilling to read about, I know. I'll try to think of some interesting things soon, so just you wait.