Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new job

I had forgotten how weird working in customer service can be at times. (Oh yeah I got a job, the one I really really wanted, and it's pretty cool so far.) An interaction observed between a mother and her probably 5 year old son:

Boy: MomcanIhaveaneraserthey'reonlyeightcentseach? [spoken in one long breath]
Mom: No.
Boy: CanIhaveapencilsharpener?
Mom: No.
Boy: Can I have [insert any of the items on our shelves]?
Mom: No...*looks down*...I have chocolate on my pants...

Kind of sums up motherhood, no?

I think I'm going to like this job. Before, I'd only ever used a cash register, and I was all intimidated by credit card transactions and such, but they are much easier than I thought. I've only worked there two days but I've caught on really quickly, and the people there are nice (which is good, since I'm only one of five employees). Plus, there's a Sonic about 2 minutes from there and I can get there, eat, and get back in like 15 minutes. And best of all, I get to wear jeans and comfortable shoes, which I can kiss goodbye when I start teaching.

I gotta say, it needs to quit raining and being all cloudy and shit. I want to go swim and get some color on my legs and I kind of need the sun for that. Take note, sun.

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