Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So I'm not so good at keeping up with this, but I really want to...does that count for anything?

Things are going pretty well at work, I'm now an official keyholder and can close the store all by my lonesome (though really they had no other option, one of our experienced employees left last week). Still, not bad for having worked there for two months. I'm trying to think of amusing customer interactions, and the thing that springs to mind was a woman who called and asked for "pH neutral adhesive." I had to pause, and informed her that we do indeed have acid-free glue. Such a strange way to phrase it...like asking for linseed oil pigments.

I cannot praise this website I recently discovered enough: Paperbackswap.com.

You go on, list the books you don't want anymore (the ones Half Price Books was going to give you three cents for), and for the first 10 books you list, you get two free credits. Anytime someone requests one of your books and you successfully mail it to them (costs less than $2.25 to ship most paperbacks, so fuck you Amazon and your $3.99 book shipping cost), you get another credit. All books are 1 credit each, so you just go request one (or put yourself on a wish list for a popular book). I've sent out six books so far (mostly romances), and have gotten seven books. It's cheaper than even buying them at HPB, and I've found so many books that I've been looking for for months. If you have an excess of books lying around, and the post office is relatively convenient to get to, you should go try it out. And if you do, my screen name on there is "katieann" so go sign up and say that I referred you, and I get a free credit. :)